peter a brenner

hand crafted jewelry


    Peter A Brenner is a self-taught jewelry artist working in  sterling silver, copper, and semi-precious gems. He has been creating and displaying his work at premier art and craft festivals through out the United States since 1973. Born in Klagenfurt, Austria, in 1949, he immigrated to the U.S. in 1955 at the age of 7. Having settled in Chicago, he attended John James Audubon Grammar School and Lane Tech High School, where he graduated in 1968. After high school he attended UICC in Chicago, where he majored in philosophy.

     Being an avid rock musician, and wanting to make music his career, he inadvertently fell into his present career. "I needed to make a few bucks to make ends meet while my music took off," he explains.  The music didn't take off, but exhibiting his hand crafted jewelry creations at local craft fairs did. Peter still plays slide guitar with his band "The Hot Brothers" which consists of his high school pals, singer song writer, Robert Gorny, and fellow guitarist, Robert Gurka.

    Now in his 41st year as a professional jewelry artist and Craft Fair Exhibitor, Peter faces many new challenges, as do his fellow artists and crafts people. " The economy is certainly a major factor in what I am designing and able to sell now, " There is much more emphasis on affordability, and the challenge is to create jewelry, balancing  price, with good and interesting design."